The Residential Tenancies Act outlines the rights and requirements for both landlords and tenants. If a landlord or tenant is not acting in accordance with their requirements under this Act they may file with the Landlord and Tenant Board. The Landlord and Tenant Board resolves disputes between landlords and tenants.

SFC Paralegals can provide complete representation at the Landlord and Tenant Board.

Landlords can expect their tenants to pay their rent on time, not to damage the property and adhere to the terms and conditions of the lease or rental agreement.

Tenants also have rights that include having a safe home, the right to privacy and protection from improper rent increases and illegal eviction.

These are just some of the legal requirements for both parties. Other legal requirements to keep in mind are those under the Human Rights Code.

Our team can help you navigate these requirements, and ensure that as a landlord you are in compliance, or as a tenant you are being treated in accordance, with all the required laws and regulations. SFC Paralegals offers representation services all over Ontario.

SFC Paralegals can provide complete representation at the Landlord and Tenant Board, filing all the appropriate applications, attending mediation and/or hearings, as well as enforcing, challenging or correcting an order issued by the Landlord and Tenant Board. Contact SFC Paralegal for a consultation to see how we can help you.

If you are a landlord or tenant and need legal representation for a residential eviction, landlord tenant dispute or another matter contact our team for your free consultation. We provide both landlord representation and tenant representation in Toronto and the GTA.