When you become a new driver in Ontario you are divided into two different classes: Class G1 and Class G2.

If you get a ticket as a novice driver then you face the following penalties:

  • License suspensions
  • Increases insurance premiums

However due to the severity of traffic tickets for novice drivers we recommend you call our paralegal team for a free consultation before proceeding.

SFC Paralegals will prepare the necessary documents and represent you in court for your class G1 or G2 ticket, this will ultimately save you time, legal fees and the risk of paying increased insurance rates.

G1 Class Drivers must also obey the following rules:

  • You must maintain a blood alcohol level of zero.
  • A fully licensed driver with a blood alcohol level below 0.05% and four years minimum driving experience must be in the passenger seat.
  • You may not have more passengers in the vehicle than there are seatbelts.
  • G1 Ontario restrictions prohibit driving on 400 highways and high-speed expressways.
  • G1 driving hours are from 5:00 am through midnight.

When a new or class G1 driver is given a traffic ticket, it is a very serious matter due to the future long term implications related both to legal and insurance.

Due to the serious nature we encourage you to seek an legal opinion to learn your possible options. You can contact our team using the form below to setup a free consultation.

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If you live in Toronto, the GTA or Ontario and received a G1 or G2 license traffic ticket or charge, then contact our paralegal team to learn about your viable options. We will save you time and legal fees while providing a professional defense in your G1/G2 driving violation. Complete the form on this page and provide us more information about your class G1 or G2 ticket and we will then schedule a consultation to discuss your case further.